Rob Hardy's Amazing Stories

With no industry connections or school training, Rob Hardy (an alum of both Florida A&M University and NY Film Academy) wrote and directed three feature films, and co-founded Rainforest Films along with his business partner William Packer. Next came the Hollywood deals, mainstream theatrical releases, national acclaim, over 200 million in box office receipts, and growing family. From Think Like a Man, to Stomp the Yard and Takers, the company’s rise was rapid. The transition from being a “starving artist” who once cleaned Atlanta strip clubs, to becoming a successful trendsetter in urban cinema, only to rebrand himself as a prolific television director, was turbulent at best. The dizzying tale of this journey pushed Rob to the limit and forced him to reinvent himself several times over.

Rob Hardy’s Amazing Stories”  is a one-man live stage performance that features life lessons learned while building a successful Hollywood career from scratch. Every story told will contain universal themes that can relate to each persons personal journey.

Now is the time to get YOUR questions answered and help reignite your passion, drive, perspective and goals. This is not merely for actors, producers, directors and entertainers. It’s for anyone who simply wants to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE, but just needs a little help adjusting their perspective on how to do it.

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