Stomp The Yard: Homecoming

It’s Homecoming weekend at Truth University and Chance has become a new member of Theta Nu Theta Fraternity. While trying to win the step competition he’s distracted by the emergence of a dangerous person from his past.

90210: They’re Playing Her Song

Teddy begins to feel comfortable in his own skin and decides to visit a bar in West Hollywood where he soon realizes he forgot his wallet and is forced to turn to Ian for help.

Vampire Diaries: Memory Lane

Stefan is shocked when Katherine reveals new secrets about what really happened in 1864. Damon tries a new tactic to resolve his issues with Mason.

Criminal Minds: Solitary Man

Local authorities in Edgewood, NM summon the BAU to investigate a truck driver kidnapping women and disposing of them in random locations as he tries to find a new mother for his daughter.

E.R: Believe The Unseen

Abby meets with Anspaugh and the board. Pratt comes to her defense, and her voluntary time in detox has led the board to go easy. Abby is happy to do whatever it takes, but she’s not ready to come back to work.

Heroes: The Recruit

The entire five-part epic of super-solider Rachel Mills, who survived the explosion of Pinehurst only to find a new more personal threat.

Criminal Minds: The Big Wheel

An UnSub has sent the BAU edited film footage of him going about his day, including the murder of one of his victims. Upon closer look, the team also discovers a message written by the UnSub, “Help Me.”

TBS: Outtakes

TBS: Family Portrait

TBS: Guess Who